Your Reason…The Season

Hey guys, so it took me long enough to drop this post…errr I’m sorry đŸ˜€ .
        So its Christmas!!! Merry Christmas y’all….hope your Christmas is beautiful.
The year is almost over and I know most people are taking stock of life in 2013, the blessings, the stress, the sorrows and the successes and defining their 2014…I know I am! đŸ˜‰
     So, I know a lot of people make resolutions, strike out “bad habits”and tell themselves that they’ll change in the next year and all that good stuff….as cute as I find this…err I really don’t believe in it. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t believe in it though, I just know for a fact that it does not work for ME….the one thing that I am certain that works for sure is setting goals for myself…. So right now I’m taking a look at this list of goals and rewriting my goals.
      But before I go into the goals topic, I want to remind you that this is a season to be thankful. The year is almost over and this means that you survived another 365 days… maybe not the way you expected but you definitely did. You might have faced issues in 2013, you might have gone through different levels of pain and stress but I think the time is right for your to look away from the troubles and acknowledge the blessings.
     We spend so much time magnifying our problems that we ignore the little things in life… like a baby’s smile, fresh air in our lungs, friends and family…..even tiny things like gaining weight, loosing weight, not burning down your kitchen because you can’t cook (jk! Jk!)…..but really…tiny things like this… Trust me if you look back at some of these things, you might realize that it has been a good year and we should give thanks because Christ is the reason for the season and so are YOU! ( Phew! I sound like a preacher :D)
       Now back to those goals… while acknowledging your success, you need to create bigger targets…set new standards for 2014.. take it up a notch! For me, I divide my goals into 4 groups; Spiritual, Academic,Financial/material, and Career goals. But due to how my 2013 turned out, I realize that I need t add one more group which is the emotional group…well 80% of the time people ignore this aspect in life like it doesn’t matter but truth is this aspect does not just fall in line with life…it requires hard-work too like every other aspect so make sure you don’t neglect it this time.
          In setting goals for yourself, you need to take into consideration the totality of your existence, here are some tips I use setting my goals…hope they help you too:

  •  Acknowledge the mistakes you’ve made and come up with ways to make them better. 
  • Avoid using the word “never” in your plans because things might not work out the way you plan. 
  • Make sure you are optimistic and firm in your decisions because you cannot achieve it if you are not sure of it…. “I hope” and ” I wish” does not quite cut it.
  •  Set achievable goals for yourself….I would have said “realistic” but if your dreams are just realistic then maybe they are not big enough…and be willing to work towards them….sitting on your ass and praying…
  • Be clear on when you want what you want…in 6 months? 3 months? be clear on the time frame

Make sure to check up on your goals from time to time within the year, add and update your targets…that’s what growth is all about.
             Errrrr…. OK! Hope this is helpful to you …make sure you have a lovely Christmas… Have fun, don’t stress…Just enjoy the season.

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       Merry Christmas!!! Much Love