Wardrobe reinventions

ReinventionsNew seasons come with new decisions, new ideas and for me; wardrobe reinventions. I’m learning not be weary of change, trying new things as much as you can.I say this because I always find myself reinventing my colour selections and wardrobe. It’s a good feeling to be known for certain pieces and style, but it is also perfectly alright to not want to be boxed in.

Wardrobe reinventionsWardrobe reinventionsSince I’ve known about how expressive and liberating having a personal style can be, I’ve always wanted to talk and act through the piceces on my body. Last year, I confined myself to certain shades, patterns and fits, forcing a title that was mostly suffocating and barely liberating. With this new season; I’m stepping out of those tags and just letting my imagination run wild. I only want my personal style to be COMFORTABLE AND EVOLVING and to my personal style, these two words mean growth!Wardrobe reinventions

Wardrobe reinventionsI’m wearing the famous off-shoulder top from Zara. I crushed on this item for months before I finally made the purchase, it was worth it! I paired them with my orange skitter culottes (Zara), and finished the look with my fluffy black sandals. I have been obsessed with gold and bronze accessory for months now, and I must admit that I love the way they pair with my summer tan.

Wardrobe reinventions Wardrobe reinventions Wardrobe reinventions

(Photo Credits: Rachel Okot)

Top: Zara / Cuolottes: Zara / Sandals: Jusfabonline

Wardrobe Tips:

Spring cleaning is the prrcect opportunity for a style revamp. As you let go of winter favorites, get in some pieces that suit your summer vibes! Remember style is not what you wear but how you wear it!