My comfort Vans

My comfort VansAs you have all come to know, my personal style is centered around comfort more than anything else. I love my heels as much as the next person but as a new sneaker head, flats and runners are becoming my favorite girls for daily activities. I have been enjoying wearing my favorite runners and sneakers casually, but this time I decided to style up my old skull Vans MTE to fit my everyday personality.My comfort VANS

My comfort VANs

For this outfit, I went with one of my favorite looks; the causal culottes look. I paired my chunky sweater in the color burnt orange (which is my third favorite color BTW), with my culottes or as I call them, my “big girl pants”. This look is an off duty look that went perfectly with my routine for the day. The bright sweater and the sneakers complimented each other in giving a casual yet playful look and the culottes are the perfect comfort piece and I am so glad that they are still in for the season. These Vans MTE sneakers were so comfortable for being out for over 10 hours, my little toe didn’t even hurt all day, my sweater kept me warm and cozy, and I did not need a jacket. I added my favorite necklace from Kate Spade because they go perfectly with anything.


My comfort VansThese leather sneakers were the way to go for comfort and style; the sleek look lets you get away with wearing them with off duty looks if you desire. As always, I was comfortable and felt chic, and I was definitely embracing the cool street-style personality that this look allowed me. The weather was perfect too with soft clouds and cool breeze, I mean what more could I ask for?

(Photos by: Daniel Greycastle)

Shoes: Union jackboots/ Pants: Boohoo /Sweater: Joes/ Necklace: Kate Spade




  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Such cute pics! Love the sweater!

    Edye //

  • Ayobami Bamz Ige

    Love the orange, love the shoes, love the outfit 🙂