Time to Dream with JORD / GIVEAWAY


I am really excited for this new year! I have so many big dreams and plans, and I know that this year will be really fruitful. It’s time to dream babe, dream big!

DreamDream My creative juices have been flowing recently and I have wasted know time in writing them all out. Travel plans, Brand plans, plans for personal growth, the whole shabang! I’m learning not to hush my thoughts anymore, to see every dream as achievable but also trying not to get lost in only daydreams.

DreamDreamI’ve been more aware of time, more aware of how I spend my days. The goal is not to have time wait for me, it’s to catch up with time while I’m living, achieving and doing the productive things that occupy my mind. Today, I’m making some travel plans, some prayer and daily meditation plans and just really enjoying quiet moments. My wooden timepiece from Jord helps keep me grounded. I love how sleek and lightweight it is. It fits perfectly as each watch by Jord comes custom made. It was a great present for the Holliday.

Dream The wood reminds me of a vintage time piece! And you guys already know that I am obsessed with pink right now, so I basically get the best of both worlds with pink and vintage. In this moment, I am styling my Jord wood watch with this cozy sweater from MakemeChic and a cropped ankle Zara denim.Dream

(Photo Credits: Rachel Okot )


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Goodluck babes! Remember to dream and enjoy every moment.

Watch: JORD/ Other Jord watches: JORD/ Sweater: MakemeChic