The White Button Down

The white button downI am still talking about building your wardrobe, I’ve given a couple tips from shopping for statement pieces, to wardrobe basics. Now here’s a quick guide to the most popular chic summer wardrobe piece; the white button down shirt!

The white button downThe white button downEvery fashion girl could do with a white button down shirt, more points for you if it is silk babe! Here’s the beauty of this one piece; you can wear it every where! Think casual brunch dates, tucked in for a work day, paired with shorts for a night out, or with a pair of heels for a day in the city. The possibilities are truly endless.

The key to doing summer right is going for breathable pieces, the material, the fit and cut all matters! I always recommend picking up a few button down shirts, whetehrbkn white, black or a cute pink like this one piece. It is a good throw on piece that will never go out of style and will always look good on all age groups.The white button down

THE LOOKThe white button down

I am still doing denim right, and I promise never to stop babe. For this look, I paired my ripped highwaisted Topshop jeans with my white button down shirt. I went a size bigger because I love the loose fit and it’s more breathable that way. For this look, I went crazy with the accessories, I mean it’s not really my style but I was going for extra chic!The white button down

For details, the necklace and pompoms on the bag were added for an extra oomph! It’s more feminine than street-style, that’s the point of being  a style chameleon 😉.The white button down

(Photos by: Pelumi)