The Puffer Jacket

The Puffer JacketI’ve loved working  in fashion, and recently I have been counting my years and my experiences. One of my favorite things about the fashion industry is its fluidity and its love for expression. From working with major corporations to small brands, it still gives me room to be just ME.  And this flexibility is something I will never want to give up on. Its great to express personal self through style, from wearing mini skirts to strong street and comfortable looks. Today, we’re styling “The Puffer Jacket”.

The Puffer Jacket

The Puffer JacketI am still working through my winter acceptance phase as you can see from the previous post-HERE. But its great because I am still keeping warm during the transition.

The Puffer jacket look has been big since this fall. With baggy, long and bright bomber jackets being the center of attraction. The baggy puffer jacket look has been a welcomed change for me to be honest, a practical, comfortable yet edgy look. It works to add a tinge of street to your personal style. Taking even the most causal ensemble such as a black turtle neck and black high-wasted pants a notch higher. I find that with a look like this, you can easily pull off that casual ” I didn’t really try” flair that the french girls effortlessly exude.

The Puffer Jacket

Today, I’m styling my white puffer, paired with a matching turtle neck sweater and high-waisted denim and black sock boots. But more importantly and most dearest to my heart is this cross body mini bag. I love the thick straps, they remind me of an old luggage bag that i still have in my closet. The simplicity and sleekness of it is really to die for. You will definitely see me with this piece in a lost of future posts.

The Puffer Jacket

But anyways, its almost December and winter is yet to do her worst. A puffer jacket would be a great addition to your wardrobe. Cold weather style never has to be a drag.

The Puffer JacketThe Puffer Jacket

(Photos by: Rachel Okot)

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