The other side

Hey y’all, how’s it going?… Ok right now I’m sitting here and starring at my chem notes like “what’s this filth?” ….yeah  you know that point when everything looks like a different language and you read each line 5 times…yup I’m there….I’ll take this time to blog then…
     This topic is one that infuriates me…it offends me on so many levels because I know I am a female with strong opinions and seeing this  bullshit on a daily mocks my gender……I’m talking about the accusations females make when they leave a relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I know lots of females go through a lot while they are in relationships and some of those times it’s really not their faults but sometimes….sometimes they sow those seeds themselves -_-
       Ok  here’s an example….a guy breaks up with a girl and she starts crying about how she gave him her everything….how sad…. I feel bad for her but my question is “did he ask you to give him your everything?!!” …no did he??  I understand that love is all consuming and compels you to want to give   Your entire being but Hun….love is NOT stupidity. Even if you are in love I believe your senses are still there to discern when and how you should give….  Humans are fickle creatures, we tend to exploit everything that we feel is abundant….if someone perceives  that your love for them is unshakeable they will misbehave…if someone perceives that your world is built around them…they will act out… If they perceive that you love them too much and that you can’t leave, they will treat you like trash. Statements like “you know nobody else wants you” and “you know you won’t leave me because you can’t find anybody better” are not just  thought up, they are born by  series of observations … Observations of the way we females respond and show love…they are born by our actions.
        Man is a very simple creature, if you keep giving, we’ll keep taking….we abuse anything relies on our conscience.. Take the man and God relationship as an example, we’ll sin over and over again because we know that God’s arms are always open to welcome us back -_- the thieves we are (kindly ignore this example if you are an atheist or something of that sort).
      I cannot emphasize the importance of knowing your worth enough, the importance of ensuring that you get an equal percentage of affection in every relationship or friendship you find yourself in. You show people that you cannot live without them and they’ll treat you like they are the air you breathe…..
I’m not saying we shouldn’t love, I’m saying that we apply wisdom in everything we do…and take responsibilities for our parts in sinking any ship. Just like a female who sees a man fresh out of a relationship that is looking for a rebound, she sees this but swears in her heart that she was sent from above to save him…..and yes this relationship fails and he is the demon? ? Ok….
         Note that I am not supporting men or their actions because these things also happen to guys, I just want us to understand that we don’t need to play the “I am female, I am the one who’s always hurt” card when we can easily avert these situations.
            Ok enough of my rant 😀  Ladies I hope y’all still love me x_x …..
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  • Hi…
    I completely understand what you are getting at…trust me, but like you’ve stated love is all consuming. Most times, if not, all the time, it is extremely difficult to temper love with rationality. Therein lays the CHALLENGE, applying wisdom to relationship stuff.
    People mostly say, atleast the people i have met, “you have never been in love, so you won’t understand”. My response to such BS bit**es and ni**as, is screw yourself i fall in and out of love almost everyday…today i may see a babe coming down from the bus and be like damn she is too hot and fantasize about stuff (that is my business) and tomorrow i may see thesame girl and be like please my last girlfriend more endowed than you.
    Sorry i diverted, mm OK, so guys and girls, its understandable to do some stupid stuff when you are in a relationship but still try even tho difficult to apply rationality.

    P.S. my Apologies for my poor choice of words.
    Disclaimers–this is my opinion about this topic. Try not to be offended.

    • Thank you for commenting. Basically we each have to figure out ways to make sure that we separate our hearts from our heads….. Love should not ruin you at the end of the day.

      And for your choice of words; it is totally accepted here. Thanks and come back soon 🙂

    • lol…very true