The Lotus Pure x Lennard Taylor

  • The Lotus Pure x Lennard Taylor

The Lotus Pure x Lennard Taylor

One of my major goals of 2016 is to work on styling other people; it has always been my dream to style brand editorials and this project is a dream come true for me and The Lotus Pure.

This was an amazing experience, the combination of great photography, styling , beautiful designs and amazing models was perfect. I am delighted that I went with a local designer for a project of this caliber.

The Lennard Taylor is a Winnipeg based brand, with their high quality and fashion forward pieces, they focus on making people feel good and confident. My favorite thing about the brand is the uniqueness of each piece and the fact that most pieces are unisex, an idea that only few fashion brand have been able to embrace.

Shot on location, downtown Winnipeg by Trevor Johnsen, a phenomenal photographer who i have been privileged to work with a couple of times.

As nervous as I was about this project, I tried to focus on detailing as much as possible. I am grateful for Karen of Shishay Studios whose amazing makeup pulled the looks together.

I am grateful to everyone who was involved in this project, I couldn’t have asked for a better team!


Photography: Trevor Johnsen

Designer: Lennard Taylor

Makeup: Karen Hon

Styling: Auneetuh

Models: Micaella Stone

Tristyn Teichrib

Kaitlyn Goncalves

Garrick Bell-Gam

Maya Fastabend

Alyssa Wyspianski