The fall

I died once….
Yes my body was still alive, my vessel functioning but my soul was lost…
I died once….
I died because I lost myself  in vanities of this earth
I let myself go….I wanted to fit into this world of man so much that I let myself crash
I wandered, daily…trying my best to conform to what the crowd expected of me
Seeking love and attention from things which had no emotions
From people who could not see my depth…
I died once…
Like a goldfish I was attracted to shiny temptations
I filled my soul with vanity….day and night
I died once…slowly my soul got weaker
I forgot the rules I swore by…I let myself be moved by each wind..I had no direction
I let go of the people who truly loved me for the love of the people who looked worthy
Hypnotized ….I was drawn to these empty vessels who broke every piece of me
I died once….
I gave my all till I had nothing to give, I ignored everything else that was willing to give back to me
I kept chasing shadows….
Till I saw the mirror…till I looked and saw that I looked nothing like myself
Plastic….unreal….I saw the evil I had created
I saw the empty beast that stood in front of me…I saw how deep I had fallen into this hole
I knew I couldn’t just get up , I could not just stand up and keep walking….
I had to build my self again….form who I am from scratch…
I had to start the rebirth….*Auneetuh*