How to: That Valley Girl


That Valley Girl

The “you” in fashion is what makes style! I’ve alsways seen fashion as a way of expressing myself, my mood, and my personality. It’s everything I want it to be without words. Because sometimes I’m a sporty girl, or a chic minimalist and on some warm days, I just want to be that Valley Girl.

That Valley Girl When I say “Valley Girl”, I mean the down to earth girl who probably lives in some part of Los Angeles and shops at all the popular flea markets. You probably know her as the key inspiration to way too many magazine campaigns dubbed “high fashion” and edgy streetstyle. To be honest when you think about it, we all get our inspiration from that Valley Girl but shhhh, nobody has to know…I guess.

That Valley Girl That Valley Girl Its warming up and I’m enjoying every bit of it. I’ve been having fun mixing a lot of pieces together, trying new things and really enjoying feel of the breeze against my legs. In Winnipeg, it’s always a relief when temperatures rise above the negatives, it does a lot for my mood.

THE LOOKThat Valley Girl

This look was inspired by a pair of leather pants I saw online. I’ve never done a double leather look, and this was supposed to be that edgy streetstyle look. But these leather skirts stole my heart first! I love  how both (faux) leather pieces are not of the same texture. I paired them with this cropped ruffled top and the most comfortable stray on heel I’ve even put my feet in.That Valley Girl

(Photos by: Pelumi)

I’m living my warm weather dream, being that Valley Girl and having the sun on my legs. See you soon.




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  • Loove the skirt. Super chic 😍

    Have a lovely weekend!

    • Thank you babe! Glad you like it!

  • MJ Junior

    One word – Sexy! Total fire girl!