The Summer Theme

summer colors

For summer ’16; I chose a summer theme for myself and my style.

AunteetunJune20-2This season has been important to because it is a break that I have yearned for since the first day of the year. A break to just be happy and explore…although I am still working on the latter, I couldn’t be happier!

AunteetunJune20-10AunteetunJune20-3Mustard GlowFor my summer style; gold and glow have been my two favourite words. Anything from the tiny sparkle of my highliter to the mildest detail on my orange runners (sneakers) gets me excited.

Summer themeTo explain my obsession, I paired my gold sandals with my cutoff denim shorts and a simple bodysuit! I threw on my leather jacket, and added a little more highlighter (because..why not?) And I was out the door! Shooting in the exchange district always brings back great memories and this day was no different!


(Photo Credit: Rachel Okot)

Body Suit: Zara/ Sandals: Zara / Denim cutoffs : Zara ** Another Zara Edit!**

Whats your summer theme? Tell me in the comment section below! To see more photos of this style, find me on tumblr!

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  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    You look STUNNING! <333

    Edye |

    • Thank you beautiful!!


  • Sybil

    beautiful!!! 😀 that yellow shade is lovely on you!

    Have a great week!

    Animated Confessions

    • Thank you 😊

      Have a great week too!