The Red Coat

The Red CoatThe red coat

The city is great right now, the weather is pleasant, the clouds are perfect and for the first time, I’m enjoying winter. The smell of the city,  a quiet Sunday evening, clear streets…and there’s me…in the red coat.

The red coat

The red coat

Its no secret that I am not the biggest fan of red (in fact I’ld say that the coat is burgundy, but we won’t tell anyone 😉), but there’s something about this red coat! My style has always been influenced by the “French girls”. I’ve always loved throw ins, loose fits and structured pieces!The red coat

The red coat

Today, I’m showing how much that influence has rub off on me and how I’ve learnt to incorporate it into my personal style. I’m wearing a black mini skirt, a turtle neck sweater, a pair of mountain boots and the red coat. It’s a throw on outfit, simple, comfortable, yet chic. The coat being the strongest piece helped to blur the line between streetstyle and chic.

The red coat

It was a beautiful day in the city and like most good days, I am taken back to that moment every time I think about it. I really love days like this one.

The red coat

Hope you enjoyed this! How do you like my red coat? Do you have a red coat or a piece in your wardrobe that helps elevate your everyday look? Comment below with what it is, and how you style it! See you soon!The red coat

(Photo credits: Rachel Okot)

Coat: Missguided / Sweater: Carrol Reed / Skirt: F21 / Mountain Boots: Zara (A/W ’16)



  • Ifeoluwa Ojo

    Idk why you’re not a fan of red because This coat and color looks great on you boo 😍😍

    • A www thank you loge! I’ll try to wear it more often!

  • Janel

    Girl, I’m the same way. The red had to be a certain shade in order for me to wear it. Right now my go to piece has been my silver statement necklace. It elevates every outfit I put together!!!

    • I know right! It’s always great to hear pieces like that in your wardrobe!

      Thank you for stopping by 💜

  • Sisi Figure 8

    I totally love this outfit. I wish it would appear magically on me!
    I also love your style so I’m following you.

    • Thank you so much! Lol if only there was a way to portal it to you!

      Thank you for the follow and support 💜

  • AmbraSimone

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this coat! Such a statement color

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like it!

  • Abinye Pollyn

    This is definitely one of my favourite posts yet. You look absolutely magnificent

  • MJ Junior

    Simply Sophisticated