Styling Pastel in Fall

Pastel fallBrown leaves, camel coats and black boots…that’s the usual fall/winter theme, even for me. But you know how I like to wear not-so-typical colors during fall and winter…so here I am, styling pastel in fall.

Pastel fallPastel fallToday, I paired this off-shoulder sweater with my favourite pair of jeans (which I literally live in). I added this cute Chocker, and a pair of sock boots. For this look, I was going for relaxed, comfortable and a little bit structured. Comfort is always a priority for me!Pastel fall My favorite thing about this look is the fit at the waist, I went for a loose fit instead of a slim fit. I then contrasted that fit with the boots which are more sliming. I love pastel sweaters because of the soft and innocent vibes they add to your look. The uniqueness and tinge of class a pastel piece adds to a look will definitely come in handy for off-duty looks. pastel fallPastel fallHave you selected your palette for the season yet? How do you feel about pastel for the season? Let me know about your favorite ways to wear them Fall/winter pieces. I know the season is almost over and I am still yet to pick a theme!  But while I make my mind up, I’ll indulge in some pastel this fall, some moments in mom jeans and and maybe a couple of seasonal Starbucks drinks. Pastel fallPastel fall

(Photo credits: Nadia Ayede, Auneetuh)

Style Tip:

When pairing pieces from your wardrobe, think about structure as well as texture. Paying attention to details like that add some “oomph” to your look

See you soon.