Styling for Comfort and Favorites

favouriteWelcome to 2017! For our first post of the year, I figured we’ld take it slow…build up to it. So here’s a winter style post with my favourite comfortable wardrobe pieces.

Favourite Shirt:

FavouriteMy favourite Tee for all of 2016 was this shirt from Zara. I own a lot of big Tees but for some reason, this one just stands out to me. It’s comfortable, fits loose (just how I like it), and it has a simple print on it; “open your mind”.


favouriteI believe everyone who knows me must have seen my mum jeans atleast twice. This is the ultimate comfort piece. I love how it’s comfortable yet it comes with a lot of character. I pair it with a big buckle belt and turtle necks most of the time. It is perfect for last minute outfits.


FavouriteRemember when everyone and their grandma owned a camel coat? I’ve always wanted one, especially one with a military structured fit. It was a “yay” moment when I found this; it’s thick, soft and long. This is the piece I pair with sweater crops the most. It goes great with light sweaters and shirts.

FavouriteI’ve been loving hats recently and I must say that my hat collection is growing just as fast as my chocker collection. I am the queen of bad hair days, so I definitely have to love them! So here we are, a loose shirt, a pair of mom jeans, a pom-Pom hat and some reasonable ankle boots. A few of my winter favourites.

FavouriteEnjoy cold winter days, stay warm, stay comfortable, play with your favourite wardrobe pieces. Remember the world is your runway and style is only what you make of it!How do you style your favourite wardrobe pieces? Let me know in the comment section below!Favorite

(Photo Credits: Rachel Okot)