Doing Statement Pieces right

Statement piecesDeciding on whether to invest in statement pieces or in basics is one of my biggest life struggles. It’s a known fact that I love my black and greyscale palette but statement pieces have been known to lure me out once in a while. Like everybody else, I struggle with building my wardrobe, weighing the pros and cons of a basic turtle neck compared to a flamboyant coat.

Statement piecesStatement piecesStatement piecesOver the years, I’ve combined my mothers tips on wardrobe structure along with my regret buys to come up with a perfect wardrobe ratio. In building your wardrobe, it’s wise to keep a reasonable ratio that allows for a few eye catching pieces but still doesn’t leave you with nothing to wear on Wednesdays. With buying a statement piece, things to consider include; how memorable they are (who won’t remember a bright yellow fur coat?), their price range and the combination limitation (well unless you don’t mind all black everything else).Statement piecesStatement piecesEven with the cons, a statement piece is still very important to your wardrobe, we all need a head turner for the Christmas party, for show stopping entrances or just something to lift your spirits on a gloomy day. It’s never a bad thing for a fashion girl to splurge on statement pieces once in a while, just remember to think about longevity.Statement piecesStatement pieces

Today, I’m styling one of my favourite statement pieces, this flowered coat (also styled HERE). The best thing about this coat is how easily it elevates this basic look (just like most statement pieces). I paired it with my white turtle neck tee, my navy green mini skirt and my holy grail black sandals. It’s 17 degrees in November in Winnipeg and I am taking advantage of this fine weather. There will be many more days for thick turtle necks and winter jackets, but for now, I will be doing statement pieces right; by showing legs!Statement Pieces

(Photo credits: Rachel Okot)

Do you invest in statement pieces? What’s your wardrobe ratio? And how do you style them? Comment below!