Spot sixty-seven

Spot sixty-sevenThe best moments are usually the unplanned moments. Those when you go in for something, but come out with with a totally different thing that you fall in love with. My moment in spot sixty-seven was one of those.

Spot sixty-sevenSpot sixty-sevenSpot sixty-sevenWith fall here, random OOTDs require more work and strategizing to avoid the ugly leaves, cloudy days and dry hands. Our moment in spot 67 is what happens when you settle for some happy shots but come out with your favorite piece. I’m still deciding on what my autum palette should be, I keep bouncing back between a simple black and white palette, a cool-toned palette or throwing caution to the wind and just wearing bbright coloured. I know I’ll never stick with a bright colored palette for a long time, but it’s still nice to toy with the idea while I figure it out.Spot sixty-seven

Spot sixty-sevenSpot sixty-sevenFor my moment in spot sixty-seven, I paired my multi-colored crop sweater with my new holy grail jeans, I finished this look with my newest addition to my ankle boots collection. This black boot is comfortable, a reasonable heel length and reminds me of something from a 90’s TV show (think ‘friends’). And for a accessories? A simple watch would do.Spot sixty-sevenSpot sixty-seven

(Photo Credits: Nadia Ayede, Auneetuh)

Style Tip:

Don’t box up your favourite bright colored pieces just yet, they can also be worn in the fall. Layering is a good way of toning down brightly colored pieces for colder months.