Your Pink Valentine

Pink valentineWho else is excited that valentine is over? I mean…it’s finally safe for me to come out of hiding. I spent the day “awww’ing” people’s posts and stuffing my face, but trust me, it was worth it! In between work and snacking, I posted a quick photo on Instagram and you guys loved it! So here it is; my fuzzy pink valentine.

Pink valentineA few things you’d need to know around here (TLP corner), I have wardrobe favourites. I really do, and I will wear them and post them as many times as I can. Why shop if you can’t repeat it? 🙄Pink Valentine Pink Valentine

But once again, here’s Blake, my favourite day one cocoon coat. I’m styling her for a casual day, with a (rumpled) white tee, a pair of Joni Jeans, a beanie and runners! I was auditioning for a chance to be your pink valentine.Pink Valentine

Pink valentinesI fell in love with these sneakers a couple months back and when they went on sale on Zara, I knew it was a destiny thing! I love pastel and pairing complimentary tones. A little pink here, a bit of purple there and a pair of black denim and I was out the door. Who said casual can’t be chic?Pink valentine

(Photo Credits: Pelumi)

Style Tip:

Practice what you post! Your style is not just a photo, it’s life!

From your pink Valentine, sending you love everyday! See you soon!