Photo Ready with Shiseido

Photo Ready

You know that moment when you finally open the snapchat app after spending two hours beating your face? Yeah, I love those photo ready moments! Moments when you feel lovely and you know you look lovely and your camera actually agrees! But wait…your camera doesn’t agree and your pores look angry…your crush is online and nothing is going right. That’s a page out of my dairy by the way.Photo ready

I’ve struggled with large pores as well as acne scars and under eye discolouration for a while now, and since I have successful reduced the apearance of my scars and the hyperpigmentaion, so the pores were next! I received the Ibuki survival kit from shiseido complimentary of Influenster and I was stoked to try it out. Especially the Smart Filtering Smoother serum.Photo ready

The Survival kit included:

Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother

Ultimate Power Infusing Concentrate

Ibuki Quick Fix Mix

Ibuki Beauty Sleeping MaskPhoto Ready

I tried all the products but my favorites were the Smoother serum and the Power Infusing Concentrate. The Serum was my favourite because it makes you look photo ready at all time! I have worn it with on bare face days and with a full face of makeup. It blurs your pores so much, making your foundation look a lot smoother. Next is the Power  Infusing  Concentrate, I used this after applying  my toner every day and night for three weeks and I must admit that it has helped with balancing my skin.Photo Ready

Photo ReadyI will admit that I am not a big fan of the masks because they are scented. I am allergic to most scented products and the night masks are strongly scented. The first night I had it on, I barely slept, so I would not recommend this item to you if you get irritated by scents easily. My face did feel softer in the morning but I only tried it the one time.Photo Ready Photo Ready

I’ve had some good makeup days, some not so good days and some “Oh no” days (if you have been following for long a enough, then you probably know 🙁 ), but on both days, I’ve had one less thing to worry about, my pores. I would definitely recommend this kit to you if you are always on the move and desire to look photo ready when needed. I mean, it’s not called the survival kit for nothing!Photo ready

(Photos by: Pelumi)

See you soon!



This post was sponsored by Influenster and Shiseido Canada! I received the survival kit free for reviewing but my opinion is honesty and completely mine. 🖤

  • Janel

    i have large pores and suffer from scarring as well. I have to try the shieseido products for blurring my pores. Thanks for sharing great review!!

    • No problem love. you can always ask for a sample at Sephora before you buy. I guarantee you will love it!