Orange et Salmon

Orange et salmonIts no longer a secret that I love the color orange or any similar color, well except red. And recently I’ve been indulging myself more and more in some color play and I am simply using my favourite color to do it!Orange et salmon

I also have a love for awkward fits and false pants. I adore cuolottes and pants that just graze your ankle, especially if it is high waisted! I barely own a pair of high rise pants, we either go highwaisted or we’re going home!Orange et salmonOrange et salmon

Now that I’ve gotten my style obsession out of the way, let talk about this look. I added a touch of color to this out with the orange or “salmon” pants while I kept the rest of the outfit on the black and white scale. I paired this thick leather jacket with a sleeveless turtle neck top with metal zip detail and a pair of flat boots. Looking back now, I wish I went for higher heels but you know me, comfort comes first!Orange et salmonOrange et salmon

I hope you loved this simple look! Add a touch of your favourite color to your everyday style while we wait for this winter to be over! See you soon!iOrange et salmon

(Photo Credits: Rachel Okot)