My Graduation Dress – Two options

My Graduation Dress

Graduation Dress- The Lotus PureYes, I just recently graduated from college and I have had no shame publicizing this big news. I’ve even found myself  working “Oh I just graduated from university…” into my conversations. I mean. You can’t blame me, college was an experience that I am glad is over for now. But before I go on, let’s talk about my graduation dress; what options I had, journey through picking a dress and my final choice!

Graduation Dress - The Lotus PureWhen I got confirmation that I was eligible to graduate, I turned to my good friend Pinterest for grad outfits and  inspirations. I must admit that I was highly disappointed in my finds; I saw ball dresses and princess cut dresses most of which were peach or pink or blue. Bummer! That is definitely not for me.

Graduation Dress - The Lotus PureA bit upset that all I saw were formal dance attires, I made up my mind to go to grad in a pink pant suit. My way to rebel again the slim style options out there, trying to make a statement for other girls like me! My search for a pink pant suit fell flat after I saw the prices for the exact fit I had in mind…I mean I might have been graduating but my pocket was definitely still college girl friendly.

Graduation Dress - The Lotus PureGraduation Dress - The Lotus PureI hoped off the luxury websites and started browsing more affordable stores. At this time, I was a full two weeks from my graduation date and I still had no dress or pant suit! My goal was to find something formal that would still reflect my personality!

I found more luck on the Missguided online store. I found two dresses, a white formal ready piece and a velvet gold piece that I call the “babe formal”. I was set on walking across the podium in this white piece because I thought it was very “Grad” appropriate, till my friends reminded me about how beautiful and expressive owning your periodontal style is!

Graduation Dress - The Lotus PureMy graduation shopping was very rushed, very emotional (even though it was all done online), and very eye opening! There is more information on what you shouldn’t do than what you should do while getting ready for your grad day!

Here are my tips for you for the big day:

1. Take your time when searching for pieces.

2. Make sure you are wearing what you love and want to wear. You’ll be in a robe for most of it!

3. Please please get a back up outfit, get a plan A, B and if possible a cheeky C for the after event.

3. Heels are for the podium, bring a flat with you. It’s a long day of standing.

4. You will want to stay matte for the photos. The photographer is not your best friend!

5. It’s okay to not be excited at first but when you walk across that podium, it will all be worth it.

Graduation Dress - The Lotus Pure

I hope you guys loved my quick grad day ramble! These were my dress choices and I opted for the Velvet dress, I was very happy with my choice!

Graduation Dress- The Lotus PureWhat did you think? Would you have worn the Velvet as well or the white? What would you wear to your graduation or what was your graduation dress like? Tell me in the comment section!

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  • Blvck Bee

    Congratulations! You have every right to let the world know, you did have many sleepless nights in order to pass this era of your life. Anyways. Very cute dresses, I especially love the mustard one

    Blvck Bee

    • Thank you babe! Glad you like it. Feel free to check out my selection of dresses for special occasions.