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Life in Bloom with Jord


Lately I’ve been more aware of time and living in the moment. Taking breaks when I need to and enjoying peaceful moments, this time away has also affected my style. Like everything around us, I think our style also needs moments to breathe, mine certainly did. The summer have been unique for me, I’m in a new place and I’m ready to bloom…like a Marigold.

bloomI’m clearly stuck somewhere between style themes, I am mixing the old with the new and finding a balance between both, just like I’m doing with this cool timepiece here. Its no secret that I am not the biggest fan of accessories but when I see one that I like, I go all out with it. This timepiece named Frankie is part of Jord Wood Watch‘s fall collection. Its structured just like I like my wardrobe pieces, and helped tie this look together, its really very  eye catching.bloombloom

So far I’ve managed to start the journey of finding a way back to my natural style; very edgy, with a touch of retro. Speaking of being in bloom, paired this ruffled Topshop top with my white high wasted pants that I’ve had since 2014 (yes, mixing the old and new) along with these ruffled heels that I only just remembered I owned. This look is everything I’ve always wanted to be, bright, edgy and very me.bloom

bloomThanks to Jord Wood Watches, I will be gifting one of you a free Jord time piece, something new to brighten your wardrobe. Each Jord timepiece comes with spare parts for the strap, a care kit , guarantee for longevity and made from 100% hand-finished wood. By entering this giveaway, you will automatically get a free $25 gift card and a chance to win one free watch. All you have to do is click on the link below to enter. bloom

( Photo by: Nadia )

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Live now, take some time for yourself and bloom! You deserve it. See you soon!

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