The Fun Denim: How to

The Fun denimI’ve always loved denim, and I will wear denim anywhere or any day! Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot  of new denim pieces, and I’ve come to fall in love with the wide flared legs jeans. But for some reason, I’ve not been able to bring myself to get them. When faced with the choice of either getting a wide legged denim or a pair of these fun patterned denim, I went with this fun denim piece. Personal style wins over trends for me every time.The Fun denimThe Fun denim

As much as I love denim pieces, I know that a pair of jeans is not an every day buy, but trust me, its one thing your wardrobe will need this summer. Over here at The Lotus Pure corner, we love statement pieces and we never hesitate when it comes to adding a “WOW” piece to our wardrobe. I mean let your clothes do the talking, what’s a business card?The Fun denimThe Fun denim

This is one pair of denim to light up your wardrobe, whether paired with a simple Cami and some cute heels or a basic pink button down, a pair of runners and some sun glasses, you will definitely be the center of attraction. I had a moment in this look, I felt like Adenorah would, while walking down the street during Paris fashion week! And if you were wondering, yes, I am wearing fishnet tights under these jeans…subtle detailing counts!The Fun denimThe Fun denim

Unleash the star personality in you, have fun with your wardrobe, wear some fun denim, a ridiculous over the top dress, Avant Garde makeup, whatever you want to do! Live and live loud, and let your inner style shine through.The Fun denim

Shop the look below, most of the items for this fun denim look are sold out, but here are some quick suggestions to achieve this look. See you soon!

(Photo Credits: Pelumi)




  • Helen Otegbola

    Hey I love your fresh and classic approach to styling! I actually have a pair of those Zara Jeans but haven’t styled them yet. I love your pairing!!!

    • Thank you! I live for denim! Glad you like it babes and make sure you pull those jeans out of your wardrobe and use them!

  • MJ Junior