How to do Sportwear with Medium Watches

How to do sportswear | The Lotus PureRemember when I used to be the strict leather wearing, monochrome black and white addict? Guess who’s stepping farther and farther out of her comfort zone, yes me! Here’s how to do sportswear in fall with colour!

How to do sportswear | The Lotus PureHow to do sportswear | The Lotus PureFor the past couple of years, I’ve been indulging more and more in colours, researching on my undertones and hues as well as my personal style. I’ve come to love indulging in different styles, prints and aesthetic, that’s what makes styling my art form. This particular look is inspired by a Medium Watches time piece.

How to do sportswear | The Lotus PureWatches are not just for formal, put together looks, they can inspire your everyday aesthetic as well. Sportswear looks will be timeless, track pants, runners and edgy turtle necks will continue to be part of everyday lifestyle and so can a versatile timepiece like –The Summit.

For this look, here’s how I do sportswear; I paired this bright yellow turtle neck sweater with my comfortable leather mini skirt. Keeping the look in line with comfortable and pratctocsl, I paired them with a pair of white runners and my white graffiti mini bag.How to do sportswear | The Lotus Pure

How to do sportswear | The Lotus PureIts a good day to be inspired, take your everyday look a step further don’t be afraid to add a little color. There’s a timepiece for every occasion with –MEDIUM WATCHES.

How to do sportswear | The Lotus Pure

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