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HomeThe worst finally happened! Our good weather is finally gone and I am amazed at how fast it happened. With the weather taking a turn for the worst, I had some calm home moments.

HomeWith being snowed in, I had some time to indulge in a few of my favourite things. I drank coffee, binge watched “shameless“, and danced to some nineties rap (a sore sight really). When I’m home, I like to lounge about in the most comfortable items I own. Hoodies such as this oversized one from SheIn are always a good choice.

HomeHomeFor cold winter days, baggy fits are my go to. They are especially perfect for running errands but still very comfortable for naps. This camel hoodie is definitely on the list of my favourite pieces for December. The silk-like texture is soft on your skin, yet warm. I love how I’ve been able to style this hoodie with denim pants and a pair of runners for casual of duty looks.

HomeWhen it gets cold, I try to invest in pieces that I can easily throw in and be out of the door in a few minutes. With this hoodie, I can do that and still be very comfortable. But that’s for days when I have to leave the house. For my days off, I love to be home in my hoodie, drinking coffee and catching up on the latest Elle issue.

HomeP.S: What do you call it when you are organized, but a bit messy? 🌚

What do you like to do on your days off? And what are your favourite comfort pieces? Let me know in the comment section below!Home

(Photo Credits: Rachel Okot)

Hoodie: SheIn

Style Tip:

For long days, consider comfort as well as style. Comfortable style is very achievable. Make sure to reach for clothes that brighten your mood.



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