For Fashion Girls Like Me

Fashion girlsThis one is for fashion girls like me:

Fashion girls everywhere with “unique” personal styles, fashion girls who are comfortable with their style choices. This one is for  girls who are not afraid to experiment, mix trends with personal style as well as evolve their personal style.Fashion girls Fashion girls

I believe style in fashion and style. I believe in their therapeutic ways and I understand how important personal style is to expressing yourself and being just “YOU”.

So to fashion girls out there; this one is for you! Wear what you love.

Today I’m wearing my Zara “cami” dress in green, paired with a basic white tee and finished if with a simple pair of Converse. I enjoy pairing my sleek and “elegant” pieces with the most basic items in my wardrobe. I love that fine line between feminine but yet not quite feminine.Fashion girls Fashion girls

(Photos by : Fanen Ayede, Auneetuh)

Dress: Zara / Tee: Zara Basics / Sneakers: Converse

Style Tip:

Take your basic pieces beyond basic looks; pair them with softer and more elegant pieces from your wardrobe.