Face: Fall makeup ride or die items

Makeup/The Lotus PureI’m talking about makeup today…I’ll tread carefully! I actually JUST started getting into makeup, I was one of those people who didn’t really care for it at all. I remember how I refused to wear any makeup throughout high school and even a couple years after! I guess 2016 has been my year of getting into the beauty and skincare world, and I must say I am completely obsessed with skincare.

Makeup/The Lotus PureFor looks, I am a big fan if the “bronzy”/ highlighted look, but with my summer tan already fading, I’m learning to fake it. Here are a few of my favourite items for “faking it”.

Makeup/The Lotus PureTo talk about a few of the products, I love the Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation (perfect shade SN2), it is a great foundation for oily/combination skin. In the past, I had a problem finding a foundation that keeps me matte for a long time but when I found this found, I threw in my towel because it is amazing. Sometimes I prime before applying foundation, when I do, I use the Becca Ever-Matte Primer. Both have kept me matte through 12-hour long events!

Makeup/The Lotus PureI picked up this cute “sun shimmer” bronzer by Rimmel as an impulse buy and for a drugstore product, it wasn’t a bad buy. My favourite things about it is the shimmer, I have been known to go over board from time to time. My next favourite is the NYX lingerie collection! The whole collection is really beautiful, on most days, I reach for the shade “beauty mark” (05), as seen HERE

Makeup/The Lotus PureI’m learning to try other things with makeup and with The Lotus Pure, I hope this was a fun read. I won’t give beauty tips because well…but I don’t mind sharing my beauty addictions.

See you soon!