Denim Normal

Denim normalIt’s back to school season again! I mean who else would write a back to school post so deep into the semester but me? ☺️ But really, school is back in session and I’m back to my denim normal pieces.

Denim normalDenim normalDenim normalFor day to day campus activities, you will must likely catch me in an XL white tee paired with something else or in a denim bottom paired with some other minimal top piece. I have a genuine obsession with white tees, they are very calming for daily chaotic moments. On days where I decide to pair a white tee and more than one piece of denim, just know that I am my ultimate zone; classic, minimal and comfortable.

Denim normalDenim normalThese pants are atleast 1.75 times my size, but that’s my favourite thing about them. A little low-hanging jeans and some tee is really all you need to tackle those academic halls sometimes. And don’t forget your comfortable runners!

Denim normal(Photo Credits: Rachel Okot)

Jeans: Zara / High-neck Tee: Zara / Denim jacket: Forever21 (similar) / Runners: Zara



  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Love those shoes! Hope you have a lovely week <3

    Edye |

    • Thank you! Have a great weekend!

  • MJ Junior

    I always love seeing Double Denim style posts.

    I did something similar on my blog –