Archives and Trends

TrendsI always have style posts and photos that almost never make it out, but not this time! From my archives, I’m bringing you a part two style post with this off-shoulder top; one of 2016 biggest trends.

TrendsI originally styled this white piece with my blue high-waisted pants and this pink sandals. I fell in love with this top after seeing it on some of my favourite IG babes and I am really glad I did, she makes me feel so confident and comfortable! This Zara piece has been paired with everything under the sun, I would post more styles with this piece but I doubt you guys would want to keep seeing this one piece over and over again. Trends

Trends(Photo credits: Daniel Greycastle)

With that said, Here’s a part two to “Wardrobe Reinventions“. I hope you enjoy this mini post! See you soo!