9 Things 2016 Taught Me

ThingsFollowoing last year’s post, I will be continuing the “Nine things” series! This is a quick post where I try to sum up the things I learnt from the preview year! In a few words, I’ll give a few straight forward lessons about my life from 2016.

I’ll tell you the things I’ve come to know, how I’ve grown and what I loved about the year. You can do the same and share some of your lessons from the previous year with me. Here’s ” Nine things 2016 taught me”.

9. Strength: It’s really within you. You can push and you can do it. You won’t faint like you think you will…but if you do, you will Come out stronger.

8. Determination: Think it. Focus on it. Never let go of it. Keep climbing towards your goal. Welcome hurdles, they make the journey more memorable.

7. Live: Life is more than a finish line, it’s more than your destination. Live a little, laugh a lot. Appreciate the little moments, the mistakes, the people you meet along the way. A lesson a day.

6. Flaws: Acknowledge them. Love them. Take pride in them. We all have things that we might feel insecure about, but they make us who we are.

5. Genuine: Share honestly. There’s good karma in doing your best and living the truth. Be honest, be true.

4. Gratitude: Be grateful, give thanks. Appreciate the people and the moments that make you who you are. Show the people in your life how much you love and appreciate them. Give as much as you receive.

3. Growth: Give yourself room for growth. Actively work to make changes in your life. You are a multifaceted individual. Keep evolving yourself.

2. God: He never changes, He’ll always live you. He loves to see you happy. His arms are always open for you to run to whenever you are ready. He wants to take care of you and His grace is always sufficient. This one took me a while to remember, but I’m glad I finally did.

1. Real: Be real. Be you. Be fun. Be goofy. Be open9 things

There! Nine things 2016 taught me. It’s funny how some of these things are the same lessons I learnt from the previous year. But I’m glad to see that I experienced each lesson in a different way in 2016!

It was a year of learning for me, and I am definitely grateful for it! So here’s to 2017, we will conquer new levels!