9 Things 2015 Taught me

I have been inspired by The Grey layers to make a 2015 throwback post…I know we are in the second week of January already, but its not too late until you stop saying Happy New year right? Right. So here are 9 Things 2015 taught me.


9. Live: Live. Laugh. take a break if you need one. Be young while you are young. Try new things, challenge yourself. You are human and it is okay to cry too.

8. Vibes: Positive energy. Think good. Surround yourself with the right people. Inspire others, inspire yourself.

7. Study: Study your craft. Seek information.

6.Vulnerability: Its not a sign of weakness. It is perfectly fine. The right people will understand.

5. Dedication: Give your 100% at all times. Show your passion through your dedication. Convince yourself first before convincing anybody else.

4. Have a Voice: Stand up for what is you believe in. Your presence counts. Your voice is important.

3.  Testify: Tell your story. A little victory is as important as a huge victory. Inspire others. Show gratitude for every new level you find yourself.

2. Goals: Create new goals. Work on them. Don’t give up, don’t lose sight of them. Change them if you have to, but keep your eyes on the price. failure is just a nudge, and No does not mean NEVER.

  1. God: He’s everywhere. Always there. Even at your lowest.

I have come a long way since January 2015, we have all grown. I believe we live to learn to live again. These are 9 things going through 2015 taught me. What did you learn in 2015? Comment below 🙂

(Photo by Trevor Johnsen)

See you next week!



  • Sybil

    beautiful words!!! may you have a more inspiring 2016! 😀

    Have a great week!

    Animated Confessions

    • Thank you! May your 2016 be wonderful 💜

  • Nice post! I hope that 2016 is gonna be good for you 🙂